Our Mission:


The mission of the Krimson and Kreme Foundation is to prepare the next generation of leaders by helping young people become college and career ready in the hopes that they will use their knowledge, skills, and talents to make a difference in their communities.

Krimson and Kreme Foundation

About Us

The Krimson and Kreme Foundation was established in 1993 during the aftermath of the 1992 Los Angeles Uprisings, which shined a spotlight on the challenges communities of color in the city faced.

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Our Impact

The Krimson and Kreme Foundation was established to help young, underprivileged men of color in the Los Angeles area pursue higher education without concern for cost. Over the decades since its inception, the organization has expanded its reach to promising young women of color as well. As the Krimson and Kreme Foundation grows to serve an increasing number of young people each year, it continues to face the challenge of granting these future leaders with the mentorship and financial support they need to pursue their education.

Two Hundred+

The Krimson and Kreme Foundation’s current programs and partnerships support over 200 young people each year by providing college aptitude exams, tutoring, and financial assistance in line with the overall goals of the organization and its students.

Three  Thousand+

As of 2018, the Krimson and Kreme Foundation has provided financial assistance and mentorship opportunities to over 3,000 underprivileged young people in the Greater Los Angeles area.

Five Million+

Since its inception in 1993, and in conjunction with its many partners, the Krimson and Kreme Foundation has provided monetary scholarships and financial support of more than $5 million to deserving scholars to help them attend colleges and universities.


NOVEMber 2017

I was going through financial troubles, and receiving this scholarship has really helped me a lot. I just want to thank everyone so much.

Micah Tabor

Boise State University Accounting and Finance Major, Krimson and Kreme Scholarship Recipient



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Are you a middle or high school student in the Greater Los Angeles area seeking financial supporting and mentorship opportunities on your journey toward college? Or are you looking for opportunities to help further the Krimson and Kreme Foundation's mission by volunteering and/or making a monetary contribution? If so, click the links below to find out how you can get involved.


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